We offer a comprehensive forklift safety course, at your site. Our program consists of detailed class time.  We also provide time for actual operation of the equipment in your plant. This allows for proper training in your specific environment. Our course is given by trained instructors, with knowledge on all working aspects of all types of lift trucks.  The course runs approximately 4 ½ hours and consists of three major elements:

  • Classroom work – review how forklift trucks work, their operation and safe practices
  • Video – review safe procedures, expose unsafe operation and review all safety aspects
  • Driving Test – all operators must pass an actual driving test

There is a written exam covering all classroom and video work. Upon successful completion, each operator is awarded a driver I.D. card which states they have successfully completed a forklift safety course. If you have any questions or require further assistance regarding our Forklift Safety Course or any of our other course that we offer, please feel free to contact us at any time


We will train your trainer to conduct a comprehensive forklift safety class

    • Your in-house trainer will save time and money while obtaining training flexibility
    • We provide videos and booklets for your training use
    • Learn from our experienced trainer!

We’ll Point You And Your Operators In The Right Direction With Quality Training.  Safety For Them. Savings For You.

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