When deciding the proper equipment, the main concern is your application. The are many variables to consider, i.e., floors, aisle sizes, load capacities, lifting heights, door dimensions, etc. The list goes on and on. Let one our skilled professionals review your application and provide you with valuable information on the style of equipment that best covers your needs. This is one of the many ongoing complimentary services we provide our customers.

Before determining forklift capacity, you must consider load weight, load length, the lift height needed to pick up and put the product away and accessory attachments. All of these variables need to be considered to determine the right size for your application. Based on the above variables, your 5000# load may require an 8000# forklift. You won’t know until an application survey is completed. This is another complimentary service we provide.

All forklift equipment specifications are designed to meet stringent OSHA and ANSI guidelines. The manufacturer provides this information on the forklift nameplate. Any modification that would affect capacity or equipment modification is prohibited unless approved by the O.E.M. and indicated on the forklift with a new data tag. Attachments can be added based on the application needs but they may alter load center requirements. This is why the OEM is the only source that can make the decision.

Not only are financial programs available, but many equipment manufacturers provide factory subsidized interest rates to make the purchase both affordable and appealing to the customer. We provide both Capital ($1.00 option) and operating (F.M.V. fair market value) leases to meet that monthly payment you need. Do you want to own the forklift or use the service it provides for a certain monthly term? What is best for your business? Our leasing programs also offer payment flexibility. Is your business seasonal? Do you need several months a year where a “skip payment” would be helpful to your cashflow? Just about anything can be tailored to fit your needs. Whether you choose a Capital or Operating lease, many customers consult with their accountants to determine the best direction to take.  

This a very detailed question. The first thing you need to know is the D.C. Voltage of your forklift. Second would be the height, width and length of the battery or compartment that is needed in order to quote the proper sizing. The sizing will also help determine the battery weight which is critical to safe operation. These required weights are listed on the manufacturers data tag located on the truck. Once you have this information, contact our office. Our battery group will review all the pertinent information and provide you battery options and pricing. They will discuss voltages, ampere hour capacities, battery technology and how everything relates to battery lifespan in your operation. They will also discuss the battery charger you currently have to make sure it matches the battery requirements. Should you need a new charger, they will quote you accordingly. Our job does not stop with the battery purchase. We will also deliver and install your new battery and provide your operators with information on watering and proper daily maintenance.

Yes, we employ a full-time trainer skilled in Forklift training as well as both scissor and telescopic maintenance lifts. In addition, we provide a class in pedestrian safety. Our classes are based around meeting OSHA requirements and cover all items they suggest be reviewed. We offer the initial training of all non-certified employees, as well as three-year refresher courses. The classes are all done at your location with your equipment.  After classroom training, our instructor will observe the operators running the equipment as they go through their normal working responsibilities.   In addition to our individual training, we also offer a train-the-trainer program that comes complete with training materials for use by in house trainers.

Planned Maintenance (P.M.) When you hear the term Planned Maintenance, think of your own personal vehicle. Based on a precalculated number of miles driven, your vehicle requires an oil change, lubrication and tire rotation. The same is true for your forklifts, only that the term miles are replaced by hours. Depending on manufacturers requirements, a P.M. should be performed between 250 to 500 hours of drive time usage. The technician services the forklift at your facility, changing required oils and filters. In addition, they go through an extensive checklist, providing you with a list of any recommendations they may have for future anticipated repairs. Considering the technician is currently working on the forklift you will be asked if you want repair items of necessity serviced while we are there. This will save you additional travel time and dollars for future repairs. P.M.’s are both an inexpensive and comprehensive way to assure the safe and economical life of your forklift. There are several different types of P.M. services that can be tailored to fit your budget. For a detailed review and pricing, please contact us for a complementary P.M. equipment assessment and quotation.