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At The A.J. Gates Company, we understand how important a functioning forklift is to your business, whether you run a small warehouse or have an entire fleet to manage your inventory.

Importance Of Regular Forklift Service

Regular forklift maintenance from the trusted technicians at The A.J. Gates Company helps keep your equipment in optimal running condition and prevent future breakdowns. When a forklift is being repaired, this can often mean a slight loss in productivity, and The A.J. Gates Company strives to minimize downtime so your business can keep running smoothly.

Ask about our planned maintenance program when you call us for forklift service. We’ll work with you to devise a maintenance schedule that makes sense for your budget to prolong the life of your equipment.

Emergency Service

One unique component to forklift service from The A.J. Gates Company is our 24/7 emergency services. We understand that some warehouses and businesses operate 24 hours a day, so when you need forklift repair service at odd times of the night, you can count on The A.J. Gates Company to be there for you.

Gas Forklift Repair

Many businesses rely on gas forklifts to keep them running smoothly. The A.J. Gates Company offers comprehensive service for gas forklifts, including:

  • Battery service
  • Drive units
  • Electric system
  • Engine, whether gas or diesel
  • Various hydraulics
  • Mast
  • Steering

Our expert technicians, through our planned maintenance program, aim to catch most issues with your gas forklifts before they become a problem. This is especially important for gas models that require routine engine maintenance.

Planned Maintenance For Gas Forklifts

At The A.J. Gates Company, our planned maintenance program for gas models consists of 54 items covering all areas of the unit. This comprehensive inspection helps ensure your equipment is productive and operational.

Electric Forklift Repair

Even though your electric forklift operates with a reliable battery, it still requires routine maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Part of our electric forklift service includes checking and repairing when necessary:
  • Batteries and cables
  • Brakes
  • Contacting panel
  • Drive unit
  • Electric system
  • Hydraulic system

Planned Maintenance For Electric Forklifts

The planned maintenance program we offer for electric forklifts includes inspection of 68 items that cover all areas of your electric forklift. We also offer battery and charger services to help diagnose any issues you may be having with your forklift’s battery or charger. We inspect the condition of your batteries, cables, hookups, and other connectors to ensure safety and the forklift’s smooth operation.

About The A.J. Gates Company

Our business has many years of experience selling, servicing, and repairing electric and gas forklifts. We’ve been in business since 1966, and we stand behind our equipment with excellent service capability. Our garages have many parts in stock because we know how important it is to minimize repair times. The A.J. Gates Company puts the customer first and strives to ensure your complete satisfaction. From sales, parts, service, and rentals — we can take care of it all.

Contact The A.J. Gates Company For Forklift Repair And Service

If your business needs forklift service, look no further than The A.J. Gates Company Our technicians are experienced at maintaining and fixing all types of forklifts so you can move inventory as efficiently as possible. Contact The A.J. Gates Company in Solon, Ohio, for forklift repair, rentals, sales, and service. Call 1-800-272-0771 or 440-498-0123.

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