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New Or Used Forklift: Which Is Right For You?

A forklift is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in warehouse equipment. Having the right forklift is essential for maximizing productivity and workplace safety.

As with any vehicle, forklifts are available both new and used. Which should you buy? The only correct answer is the one that best suits your needs. Our expert team at The A.J. Gates Company explains the factors you should consider before making a choice.

Differences Between New And Used Forklifts

Before you make your decision, evaluate these factors and how they relate to your industry and applications.


Obviously, the price difference between new and used forklifts is the most readily apparent one. The cost of a used forklift can run 50 percent to 60 percent lower than the cost of a new one. While you most likely need to stay within a budget, price should never be the only consideration.


​Are you looking for a forklift that will be used extensively, or one that will handle light duty for only a few hours a day? A new forklift that includes state-of-the-art technology is far better equipped for full-time usage.

Parts & Maintenance

With pre-existing wear and tear, used forklifts will have a shorter lifespan than new ones and will most likely require more maintenance. Be sure to review the detailed records of repairs and maintenance issues.

Full warranties on new forklifts can provide peace of mind. While warranties are sometimes available on used forklifts, they’re usually extremely limited.


​If you have an immediate need for a forklift, used is your best bet for prompt delivery. A new forklift may need to be ordered, so prepare for possible wait time.

Special Features

​Do you want a forklift that’s tailored to your specific requirements? Maybe you prefer an electric forklift or you want enhanced safety features. The more detailed your wish list is, the better off you are going with a new forklift.

Buy With Confidence From The A.J. Gates Company

​If these guidelines haven’t helped you decide whether to buy a new or used forklift, The A.J. Gates Company can answer any additional questions you might have. We have been serving customers in central and northern Ohio for more than 50 years. Contact us for top-quality forklifts and superior customer service.

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